Counselling RoomDo you have trouble talking to your partner about how you really feel? 

Can you tell your partner what’s on your mind? Do you feel listened to? 

Are you having trouble with intimacy in your relationship?

Are you so stressed by work that you have no energy left for your partner or family?

Do you have unresolved issues from your past that impair your healthy functioning?

Do you need support around a traumatic or abusive event?


Davey Muir & Associates can help you with

  • addressing communication problems experienced by an individual in their relationships with others
  • providing counselling support for couples with their relationship issues including interpersonal skills development and parenting
  • treatment post abuse and/or physical injury and the opportunity to grieve following a traumatic event. This might include the loss of a partner, addressing the consequences of an accident or abusive and violent life events
  • improved social functioning
  • attending to family matters including reconstituted or blended family issues