Group RoomDo you have problems resolving care arrangements for your children?

Are you having trouble getting on with your boss or work colleague?

Are you in a reconstituted family and having difficulties getting on the same page about parenting?

Do you have trouble with staff conflict and is this undermining getting the job done?


Davey Muir & Associates can help you with

  • Finding resolutions to family disputes, including completing Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) processes required by the Family Court
  • Facilitating healthy conflict
  • Negotiating solutions
  • Addressing employment issues


We can provide a range of responses to suit your needs including

  • personal consultative support and strategies to address conflict at home, work or with community organisations
  • working with family groups to resolve contentious issues
  • workplace facilitation and team building
  • critical incident stress management & debriefing
  • resolving issues in a work place where the work is not getting done because of staff conflict
  • supporting and debriefing staff on a worksite in respect of traumatic events