After the Christchurch earthquakes, I had big issues about my well being. This took a big toll on my family and work colleagues.
My work place recommended I go and see Paul. The best advice I have taken. With a few visits he turned my life around. I have returned to my old self
and never been happier, much to the delight of my family and workplace. 

GP, Supervisor, Christchurch manufacturing company


Our family dispute about care and contact arrangements¬†has been resolved. Paul is amazing and deserves a medal! Honestly I could not have dreamed of such a favourable outcome and I’m very happy. It took four and a half hours and Paul did a fantastic job of keeping us on the topic and thinking about the children. I cannot speak highly enough of him.

RT, Party to a Family Dispute


Paul was my external supervisor for five years. I had complete confidence in his abilities to guide and strengthen my social work practice. He has a real knack for picking up on issues that may lead to concerns in the future if not dealt with. He helped me overcome some difficult situations with successful conflict resolution strategies. I appreciated the way he guided me through ethical dilemmas and supported my professional development and self-care. He encouraged my enthusiasm for my work and helped me take pride in my accomplishments. I always looked forward to supervision and never left empty handed. Paul always worked openly, honestly and with integrity. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul as a supervisor

CC, Family Violence Response Coordinator, NGO