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Kia ora koutou.

I have decided to write about a little something every now and then that has been useful to me in providing the services I do.

Not surprisingly the most valuable things that help me with my work come from my clients, colleagues, family and friends.

I intend to share some of these things in the hope that some might be useful to you, the reader.

The ideas I present may be a bit random and some might have more meaning for some than others. And that’s fine by me.

I do not pretend to be an expert but I have had some interesting experiences and I have learned a lot from others that has helped me.

I have been in the situation over many years of working with clients sharing their concerns and dilemmas.

I have been privy to their journey to resolve matters and make a positive difference to their personal lives, their relationships with others and the community as a whole.

I feel privileged and humbled to hear clients revelations and to journey with them.

I will not be declaring information about them.

Rather I will talk about their influence on me and how they have shaped my practice and given me ideas about how I work.

I am constantly amazed by the many things that help make a positive difference to our lives when we consciously work at it.

I hope there is something that I write that might occasionally have some usefulness, some meaning for you.

Ka kite.


Paul Muir


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